An Editorial Music Review: A shameless promotion of my favorite music!

Mark Smeby - “Pilgrim Man”
Genre: Christian, Contemporary, Inspirational
© Grandma Bob Music 2010

My favorite music is often from independent musicians. You know… those artists on the ten-plus-year-overnight-success plan. Their songs are unique. Their voices are real and their hearts have not yet been digitally removed by industry mucky-mucks. Many are really good! However, I occasionally have a “WOW” experience! (Yes… I’m about to lay a “WOW!” on you!)

Ah-Hem! Ladies and Gentleman… please bring your attention to Mark Smeby – “Pilgrim Man!” Mark is a Nashville-based, Christian musician (and actor, writer, creative guy) with an amazing message of hope and encouragement. His first full CD project, “Pilgrim Man” releases on September 14th, 2010. (GO! GO to iTunes! Run like the wind!) This collection of original songs has a unique, affirming quality that has a very mysterious result: It makes the listener reverently hopeful! (I.e. “WOW” experience!)

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I learned about Mark’s music at a corporate event where he performed. After just a couple of run-through’s of Mark’s promo-CD, I was hooked. The title track, “Pilgrim Man” dropped me like a rock. I would have sworn it was about me. So, I let him know.

Since then I’ve had the chance to engage Mark in conversation several times. I am always blown away by his dedication to his music and by his sincere message of hope and faith. He is one amazing and inspiring dude. SO, listen up!

Why listen to this “Smeby” dude? 
Everyone I have “tuned-in” to Mark’s music has felt it, but no one can exactly explain it. That is what makes “Pilgrim Man” so powerful. After a couple of times of running through the songs on the thoughtfully arranged track list, Smeby’s poignant but uncomplicated lyrics infuse one with an overwhelming feeling of hope. He is not afraid to ‘go there’ and “speak and breathe hope all over people.”

Mark’s smooth vocals and a couple of sincere spoken introductions add an uncommon personal touch to his music. From reverent gospel tunes to intimate songs of gratitude and moving power ballads, this music picks you up, dusts off your perspective and sets you down feeling clean and shiny.

“Pilgrim Man” is Mark Smeby’s first full CD project (©Grandma Bob Music). The CD (and a ton of inspiration) is available on iTunes and at as of September 14, 2010. Support the independent “inspirer-musician-guy” with an interesting last name… and get some hope breathed on you.

And, yes... I know I bolded every "hope" in this article. Think about it!


To listen to a sampler of the CD, Click Here! Now, here are MY favorite tracks on “Pilgrim Man” by Mark Smeby! (PS: They are all good): 
  • “Pilgrim Man”The title track is a perfect celebration of hope. An echoing voice opens with “Pilgrim Man/Don’t give up/Though the road may be long and the journey hard.” The song builds into a total power anthem complete with a triumphant choir. This song moves me (literally - during my daily run). 
  • “Don’t Forget Me When I Fall” – A stirring spoken testimonial introduces a song that I can only describe as 'important' and 'touching.' The lyrics, “Don’t turn your back because I’m weak/You could be the hope I need to stand again” resonate in the soul.
  • “Just Watch Me” – A confident song recognizing God’s role in our dreams and desires. I got caught singing this (very loudly) at a stop light the other day!
  • “Turn My Eyes Upon You Jesus” – A reverent tune that does exactly what the title says… and has a melody that you’ll be humming everywhere.
  • "Precious Memories” – A song of gratitude!
  • “Walk on the Water” – My Mom LOVES this song and she wants you to hear it! (Go ahead, tell my Mom “No!” I dare you!)
  • “Humble Yourself” – A BEAUTIFUL piano solo.
  • “This World is Not My Home” – All I gotta say is "Hallelujah!"

Craig Purcell is a music-appreciator and shameless promoter of things he really likes! He is also an undiscovered writer, poet, spoken-word performer, communicator, lyricist, aspiring “Inspirer” and…most recently… a novice runner. In addition to being a contributing writer for “”, Craig works as an Internal Communication Consultant for one of those really big wireless companies. His blog is wise and charming... subscribe or follow!

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