90-to-40: Decisions. Decisions.

Day 85

This picture makes me happy right now
My favorite moment today was a Facebook post from a friend and inspirer, Roman. It said,

"Great things can be achieved by making just one decision at a time."  (Roman)

I've never heard - or experienced - a more accurate statement. Thank you, Roman, for that moment.

Every decision has brought me to where I am now. But only the decisions I make NOW are what matter for the future.


90-to-40: Vampire Ducks

Day 86: 

Over the years, I've discovered that some people are just negativity werewolves and/or emotional vampires. No matter how long I am able to fend them off, they are stronger and eventually go all "True Blood" on me. No wooden stake, silver bullet or amulet stops them from feeding on my soul.

I've tried countless ways to overpower them, such as killing them with kindness, or ignoring their midnight reigns of terror. And... whether I have been successful in mingling among their kind for days, or even years, eventually they end up sinking their teeth into my flesh.


90-to-40: Lemon Zest

Day 87

When you get handed lemons, make lemonade, right? 

Today was a lemon. And just like a lemon - if I take it as a whole - it is too sour. BUT... it can make a pretty decent ingredient in something pretty darn okay. 

And yes, I took this photo and "art-ified" 
it with an app. Say hello to my little friend.
I woke up feeling bad today. So here's me making lemonade...


90-to-40: Ignoring the check engine light

Day 88

You've done it. I've done it. Heck, I'm doing it right now. That little light on the dash comes on and you'd think it was the end of the world! It has to be the most hated light in the history of mankind.


90-to-40: Getting back to my future

Day 89
This morning, I woke up to the sounds of hammers and saws outside my front door. The contractors were working on my new front porch entry. They get a much earlier start than I do, so about six  o'clock this morning I woke up and unlocked the front door and went back to bed.
When I got out of bed at about nine o'clock and peeked down the hall, I was greeted with the site of a new front door. This one has a window in it. Sunlight! Ahh, the light of progress.
It was just a sign that my home is finally coming together after months, make that years, of knowing that this place could be much more than it was.


90-to-40: Turning 40

Exactly 90 days from today... I will turn 40!   

(Yes... the"Turning 40 Project" starts today)

Since there are an awful lot of mixed messages in the world about this "particular age." I've decided that it might be worth seeing what the fuss is all about. I mean, turning 40 has never seemed like a bad thing to me. In fact, I've come to realize that there is only one alternative to it - and I don't intend for this to be my epitaph.

It may sound as though I am obsessed with getting older. Quite the opposite, actually. My obsession is with LIVING. Not only living - but living a truly remarkable life. So, maybe there is some magic to the number?    


The Visionary Resume Writer

by: Craig E Purcell

The job market is more competitive today than ever! As a result, the hard and fast rules of resume writing are going out the window. The one-page rule no longer applies to many mid to high level jobs or for applicants with substantial experience. Furthermore, applicants are taking liberties with their resumes – adding personal touches to show their individuality and value - even at the risk of being over-the-top. How do you make your resume show your unique skills and talents while NOT going too far?

Getting Started
It begins before you ever begin writing your resume...