An Editorial Music Review: A shameless promotion of my favorite music!

Mark Smeby - “Pilgrim Man”
Genre: Christian, Contemporary, Inspirational
© Grandma Bob Music 2010

My favorite music is often from independent musicians. You know… those artists on the ten-plus-year-overnight-success plan. Their songs are unique. Their voices are real and their hearts have not yet been digitally removed by industry mucky-mucks. Many are really good! However, I occasionally have a “WOW” experience! (Yes… I’m about to lay a “WOW!” on you!)

Ah-Hem! Ladies and Gentleman… please bring your attention to Mark Smeby – “Pilgrim Man!” Mark is a Nashville-based, Christian musician (and actor, writer, creative guy) with an amazing message of hope and encouragement. His first full CD project, “Pilgrim Man” releases on September 14th, 2010. (GO! GO to iTunes! Run like the wind!) This collection of original songs has a unique, affirming quality that has a very mysterious result: It makes the listener reverently hopeful! (I.e. “WOW” experience!)

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