90-to-40: Please place the past in the proper trash receptical

Day 57: 

Reader Question #3: How do you put the past behind you? 

The past is already behind us. We just have to decide what deserves a place in our future and discard the rest. I know... I know... you're thinking that it can't be that easy. But, it is.

I won't try to convince you to move beyond the past. If your reading this, you've most likely already decided your ready to change how you are looking at the things that haunt and taunt you in your mind. So, I'll simply tell you the actions I employed. If they work for you, you'll discover your own truth about it.  

What I learned is that letting go of the past and ridding yourself of negative thoughts is a manual process.

I had to manually replace thoughts about the past. Even to this day, I have to intentionally replace these thoughts with something positive. I had to power through the emotions. I learned that they were tied to the past and new, healthier emotions emerged as I retrained my mind. 

I got very serious about it. It was awkward and uncomfortable. There were images and memories imprinted in my mind that had been there all my life. I learned to reprogram the camera in my mind to take different pictures by using basic tactics I used as a kid in school. When bad memories or negative thoughts come up, even now, I consciously shift my thoughts to something constructive. 

I applied basic learning processes. I listened to those who seem to being doing something right. When I don't know the answer, I ask for help or look it up. 

Pick one major recurring thought and decide to replace it. Commit to it, no matter how long it takes. Every time the thought comes up, replace it consciously and intentionally with positive affirmations and thoughts. Keep your inner dialogue kind. 

TRASH the negativity from the past. If you have to, write down what is hounding you and then wad it up and throw it away or burn it. Then live like it's gone - like it's not retrievable. Do it as many times as it takes. Take the actions and let the process speak for itself.

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