90-to-40: Can you make change?

Day 42:

Do you embrace change? If we are honest with ourelves, "embrace" might be too strong of a word. I doubt anyone jumps for joy when everything suddenly becomes unfamiliar. It is unnerving and frustrating.

A better way to describe it might be that we understand the value of change because we have learned the good that comes from it. I've learned how to react to change with acceptance and anticipation,  rather than fear. It works out SO much better.

I firmly believe - from experience - that change is what makes me who I am....

Such as...

I change my attitude when I don't like how I feel. Even if I have to "fake it till I make it." I am sure some people may believe I am not being authentic by forcing a "brighter disposition" but if I want to change how I feel, then it's the most authentic thing I can do.

I change my environment constantly. I will work from different stations when I am at the office. I vary my work station at home too. I force myself to try new foods. I accept every opportunity to travel and experience different ways of life. 

I vary my exercise and change paths when I walk. I say "yes" to things that will put me in contact with people who are different from me.

Why do I do these things? Because I am prone to crawling inside my own little world where everything stays the same. I am addicted to comfort zones. Without forcing my own hand and proactively introducing change, I can get into quite a rut.

So... as I approach 40, there are a few things I want to change. That may involve trying things I've never tried. It may mean that I ask other people how they do things. It may even mean that I abandon some things that tend to trap me, all together.

By doing this, I will discover new things I like, different things I enjoy doing and new, interesting people. Or... not. I may like the old way better and stick with it.

Either way, I will learn more about who I am - and - who I can become. At the very least... my life will be interesting. 

I don't blame you if you want things to stay the same. I can't fault anyone for sticking to what they know. It is your life. But... I do worry a little that you may be missing out on something. I mourn the experiences you won't have - mostly when I can see that youwant to change, but dont.

You may even think I become too different from you. Or...I may think you are too much the same. However,  I will respect your choice - AND - I will continue to try and show you how change has made my life remarkable.

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