90-to-40: Changing the script

Day 33:

In the movies, characters always know the perfect words, at the perfect time to make every moment count. Comedic timing is spot-on. Expressions of love are always heartfelt and gasp-worthy. Even fear is eloquently played out for maximum impact. Everything weaves together to play out a perfect story... a script.

And, we... the viewers... get lost in the screen. The world around us goes dim and we ARE a character in the movie.

Then the lights go up and we walk out into the world with new, unrealistic expectations of ourselves and those around us. But... our quirky comedic timing is still a half-second off, and our age-old wisdom is a little tired.

The real world isn't scripted by Oscar winning writers. We have to make it up as we go. Sure... the more experience we have, the better we are at it. But, we do not live on the silver screen.

Yes... we all know the difference between reality and fantasy. But with the bombardment of scripted and biased media, is it possible to be "real" anymore?  Do we even understand what that looks like?

As I move forward in my life, I want become more aware of how I make decisions. I will take extra care to understand if my choices are unique, or programed by the opinion-media. I will choose to act on my true nature, rather than react to expectations. At least, I will try my best.

It is my hope that this awareness will help me make a few more authentic choices. And, that... that will change the script of my life. 

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