90-to-40: Chicken Soup for the Dramatic Soul

Day 24
I've gotten pretty good at eliminating drama from my life. It is important to my mental health. Since drama tends to be my trigger... I can't afford to encourage it. Basically, I have a weakened immune system when it comes to drama and therefore must do my due diligence to stay ahead of it... the best I can.
I have learned that drama is viral. It is like the flu. The only way to keep from getting it is to be diligent to keep your immunity strong. Dont go around it. Dont kiss someone with it. And always wash your hands of it in the event you are exposed to it.
The biggest thing I've learned however, is that I don't have to engage with manipulation or drama. Allow those who breed drama to keep it. Do not take ownership. Do not climb into someone's sick bed and keep them company. And remember that, like a virus... it is not a normal state. Health is the goal.
Should you find you have been exposed, for Goodness sake... don't go around giving it to others!  Cover your mouth and do not spread it by spewing venom everyplace.
Drama is not preventable, but I can take every possible precaution to maintain a strong immune system. Being sick is no fun, even though it gets you lots of attention and chicken soup. So... i plan to try and stay healthy.

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