90-to-40: Sticktoitivenessless.

Day 48:

I don't know why, but typing "Day 48" causes me to pause. I'm almost halfway through this project and haven't missed a day of posting, even on days like today when I'm ready to collapse in a mangled pile of smouldering wreckage. I'm proud of myself for sticking to it.

Once again, I've removed the option to fail. I "will" write every day is a mandate.  There is no alternative. A couple of years ago I took the same approach to running. I completed a 7 week training schedule and ran a 5k. In the process I lost over 50 lbs.

Guess what. I stuck to it for a while, but at least 35 lbs are back... and I'm not running.

I don't want that to happen to my passion for writing. Not to mention,  I need to be more consistent with exercise. It seems I do well with a plan... just not once the plan is over.

So... I guess I need to join the military or something so I can become more regimented? Im not being lazy. I'm constantly doing things.

Learn self discipline? Well, I have a lot of discipline with some things, so I know what to do. I'm just not doing it.

Or, maybe I need to get hypnotized? But I'm afraid I'll end up barking every time someone snaps their fingers.

As a part of this project, I want to learn the skill of lifelong sticktoitiveness. A balanced and realistic approach to motivation has to be out there. But, where?

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Craig, love the daily posts. Keep up the good work.

craig said...

Thank you, SDR! I appreciate your readership.