90-to-40: The top things I have always wanted to say, but haven't... until now!

Day 50:
Top 5 things I have always wanted to say, but haven't... until now.

5. "They are actually NOT your kids. They are animals."
This may anger some animal lovers, but treating an animal like a human is cruel! Treat them WELL... but learn about animal behavior and provide a suitable environment where the animal is safe and can be a dog (or cat, zebra, lizard... whatever).

Animals should not be stuffed in your purse or fed treats all day for no reason. Teach your children to care for animals and love their pets - and do not scream at either in the process. You wouldn't treat your kid like a dog, so don't treat your dog like a kid. Pets have a unique place in our lives. Knowing the difference in no way indicates cruelty or indifference - in fact, you're showing them respect and allowing them to enjoy THEIR lives.

Now... with that said, go cuddle, love and enjoy your pets every moment you can. They are a gift from God and can enhance your life beyond your wildest dreams. Remember to say "no" to pet stores and breeders. Adopt or Rescue only! However, please let your dog be a dog - and so on.

4. "When you become a parent, you do indeed lose your right to party like a rock star."
We are not talking about an occasional indulgence, and doing so SAFELY. But... if your kids see you drunk, high or in a stupor every weekend... stop it. Just STOP IT.  No. It is not okay to pass out drunk while your kids are in bed. No. You do not have the right to hide in the car and smoke a joint while your kid is playing.

I don't care if what you're doing is really harmless to anyone else. What is going to happen to your child if you are the one-in-a-million who gets busted? Will it be worth it? And anything made of chemicals... is off limits.

Get your head on straight. You chose to be a parent - they did not choose to be your child. You cannot afford the cost - on your life - if your actions damage your children.  

3. "My tattoo is permanent, so it really seems like a waste of time to try to change my mind now."
I have tattoos - it is what it is. They are customized and well thought out. You don't have to like them. If I was worthy of your time before before you knew about my tattoos, then I'm worthy of your time after. You couldn't possibly understand the level of detail, artwork and attachment in my tattoos. Get over it. If you can't say something nice, please don't say anything at all. I didn't get them for you, anyway.

2. "Westboro Baptist Church is doing God's work."
Okay, let me be clear. I don't like Westboro's message of hate, but I LOVE the impact it has had on our country. That crazy Phelps dude has united some of the most unlikely groups to rise up against his "church" - and they have united peacefully - as friends. Gays, bikers, members of the military (active and vets), soccer moms and many other everyday people have all FINALLY turned their focus away from their differences. Instead, they are choosing to focus on the common goal of derailing the Westboro hate mongers. 

Plus, the venom-spewing protesters have held a proverbial mirror up to the faces of the everyday Americans to reveal what hate can do to the lives of good, decent people. These "everyday people" didn't like their reflection and changed how they see themselves, and how they respond to others. And... until you've seen a band of angels with PVC wings turn their back on hatred, you will never understand the immense outpouring of compassion and kindness this tiny group has prompted in our world.

I believe that God knows that to unite groups who hate each other, it takes a common foe. That God... He sure knows what He's doing. Continue to work together to overcome this hatred. We are all better for it. Any situation where LOVE conquers hate is God's work - and it happens over and over again that the world drowns out the voices of hate with generous and loving acts.

1. "Why are you acting like I should be grateful that you are "tolerant" of my lifestyle? I've been tolerating YOU!" 
The first people to pass judgement about gay people are straight people. Yes... the same people who have never had to be ashamed of their sexuality, eliminate pronouns from their vocabulary, or fear being ousted from their churches and families are the ones who are "experts" on homosexuality.

Yet, these same people who deny my rights, are also engaging in multiple paper-towel marriages and drag their kids through divorce after divorce.

Many of those who judge my morality are no stranger to sexual deviance, vices or sin. People I know have asked me to chip in for the stripper who will provide a happy ending to their best buddy at his bachelor party the night before his wedding. When I objected - based on moral grounds - they said, "Are you a "fa**ot or something?"

My desire to be loved, and return love to someone of the same sex is deemed as "sick." However, nearly every straight man openly admits they want to watch (and participate in) two women having sex. Let's just say that if "gay marriage" was only about "lesbian marriage" there would be a lot fewer people protesting. It's a complete double standard.

Some believe homosexuality is a choice, yet never had a moment in their own lives where they "decided to be straight."

Straight people rarely have their lives threatened or been physically attacked as a direct result of who they love. They've never been told they are disgusting, immoral or called derogatory names because of a physical characteristic they cannot control.

A lot of straight people use racial slurs and treat the "n-word" as if it were a common pronoun like "he" or "she." In the same breath, they expect to be respected for their stance against gay marriage citing "religious" beliefs. Some straight people are fine asking about my sex life, but would be appalled if I asked about theirs. It's common that "the straights" say we have an agenda. (What the hell should we have? A handbook? An instruction manual.) Besides, everyone in the United States has an agenda - ours is "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" - in case you were wondering.

Straight people also sometimes hit their kids and spouses. Some of them steal, kill and even *GASP* experiment with homosexual sex in college. But, they look at me and say, "But... homosexuality is just wrong!"

And you tolerate ME?

Um... NO! Don't you understand that WE tolerate YOU? We've had to do it since before we even knew what it was called. Every time you show your ignorance about diversity, speak down to us, ask really dumb questions about our sexuality, or accuse gays of "recruiting" and being perverted criminals.... we are tolerating YOU!

Most homosexuals show more tolerance of "your kind's" ignorance, unchristian-like behavior, and inappropriateness on a minute-by-minute basis than you'll ever be able to comprehend.

In fact, most gay people have moved beyond tolerance - and in some cases have learned to fully accept "your kind" for who you are. Gay people treat "the straights" with respect and attempt to engage them with intelligent conversations about life, love and liberty.

In reality, not only could gay people teach all people more about the true meaning of tolerance and acceptance than most human minds could even absorb, but we can teach straight people how to forgive and accept themselves fully - regardless of what others think.

We can teach about unconditional love and kindness because we've learned its value from the experience of having it be absent - or taken away - in our own lives.

We can teach heterosexuals how to value and respect all people while fully retaining personal and religious beliefs, individual identity and yes...even their heterosexuality.

Each time you tell us that you "tolerate" us, we are exhibiting more self-control, tolerance, kindness, compassion and acceptance toward you - in that moment - than you will in your entire life.

Tolerance is only plausible when it's served by those who have been tolerated. Trust me, once you've been tolerated... you'll know it. And a "straight" would never settle for it. Never!


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