90-to-40: Who wants to watch me change?

Day 40:

40 days until I turn 40! WOW.

I can vent all I want.  I can exercise, make plans, dream, or just ignore it... but I'll still be 40 very soon.

Anybody got a Groupon for those "age defying" creams? I need to bathe in it.

I'm absolutely helpless when it comes to time marching on. No. I am not helpless. I can try and figure out how to get the most value out of every day. I can change self defeating ideologies and patterns to improve each day.

Someone told me yesterday (while discussing my blog), "You're changing.. aren't you?" I answered,  "yes." It was an honest answer. Writing every day for this project has helped me look deeper at what I want for my life and accept who I am without apologies. That... in itself is  a huge win. But more than that, I'm understanding how much I change every day... and will continue to change the rest of my life.

I'd say the biggest change has been learning to say what I REALLY want to say without fearing condemnation. I am who I am. I am becoming who I will be. You can watch and share it with me, or you can look away. It's up to you... but I will be me... and do my thing... regardless.

So... the next 40 days will be remarkable. I'll probably show some of my true colors - for better or for worse - but I will definitely change.

Wanna watch?

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