90-to-40: Don't stop

Day 20:
I think we tend to overuse the need to "stop" doing things. We are told to stop eating to much, stop being lazy, stop being mean, or stop smoking. Life is about stopping that which we should not do.
However, the key to overcoming any obstacle is not STOPPING. The key - or so I've learned - is to do more STARTING.
So... want to stop procrastinating? Forget about that! Focus your attention on one action that will counteract it. Are you tired of being fat? Then don't stop eating unhealthy foods. Place your focus on adding something healthy to every meal.
We are that which we focus upon. If we focus on stopping a habit - our minds are consumed with that habit. If we ignore the habit, and add something that will counteract it... it becomes a natural transition.
You don't succeed in anything you don't start!  So start... take action... do something. Don't focus on what you don't want. Pay attention to what you do want. The good stuff will outweigh the bad - eventually.
But "start" strategically and mindfully - and stay started. Let it take over... and move on.

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