90-to-40: Lucky us

Day 6:

I am on a plane over the South Pacific. The ocean is a perfect mirror for the sky... it is as if I'm simply laying on the ground on a sunny day looking up. But, up looks the same as down... just blue... punctuated with puffy white clouds.

It looks like there is ONLY sky - above and below. It is a feeling of disorientation, peace and wonder. This must be what it feels like to be a cloud. 

Lucky cloud. 

I arrive in paradise. The surf that works its magic here in Oahu's North Shore hamlet of Haleiwa, fills the beach with its perspiration. Holding the sun up to shine over the mountain in the late afternoon to cast upon everything, an opaque glow. It is like the plumes of dust one might see rising hundreds of feet into the air over a Midwestern field during a harvest... only it is a translucent mist, undetectable except for the smell of seawater.

The air is rich from the ocean spray and drips in fine purfumes, sounds of a tropical aviaries and the sway of the ocean itself. The light is pure and casts fantastic shadows. The surf, always pressing on and happy for the overtime at the shore.

Lucky surf.


We watch the sunset from the beach. A well-worn, crazy-quilted sky, frayed and thin, letting the light shine through its age. But... only enough to see the shades of purple, blue and turquoise in its patches and seams. Golden reflections upon the sea, jeweled in sky blue and night. The only creatures, the shadows of three; the sea turtle, him and me.

Then... with coffee on the lanai, the two of us who remain sit looking into nowhere and hearing the sound of the beach whispering good night to the day shift, and pressing on.

Lucky us.

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