90-to-40: Weight of the world

Day 3:

I am a high-strung guy... I know this about myself. I also know that being high-strung is the most chronic diseases known to mankind. It'll kill me if I don't figure out a way to mitigate it.

As we speak, I'm sick. I've let the stress from a long string of stressful events build up and take it's toll. Let's face it, I've renovated just about every area of my life lately - outside of myself. My house, car, possessions, bills, travel, and my job have all undergone some serious transformations. Meanwhile, my body, health, stress levels and creativity have all taken a back seat.

Maybe... it's not how well I handle stress, but that I allow too many stressful things to come in to my life. It could be that I need to pick my battles more effectively. I have to ask myself some serious questions about the responsibilities I've taken on. The answers may not be comfortable or popular.

I need to make sure that new things in my life are balanced. I have to be able to care for myself, in addition to being able to serve others. I have to put ME back in the equation. I've said it before, but I think it's time to take action. 

So... my personal time will be MUCH more important, including exercise, meditation and relaxation. Professional time will be placed in perspective by making a better division between my home and my work time. And, when distractions arise, I'll treat them as such - and be more decisive to eliminate them. 

Get ready to see an evolution of change in my life. Get ready to see me slow down in some areas, and speed up in others. Watch me as I turn my back on some mountains, and move others. I'm going to be 40 years old in three days... and I can't carry all those years AND the world on my shoulders at the same time.

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