90-to-40: Make a difference

Day 12: 

We are all leading full lives.

Even when we are alone, lonely, bored or complacent... our lives are full. Our lives are jam packed when we are grieving, sad, or lost. In fact, they are just as full then as when we are happy - just in a different way.

I hate it when people look at others and say that they need something to keep them busy. Trust me... they are busy. What they need - at least in my experience - is a different way to fill their days, hearts and minds.

It's in those places and times of being busy with fears, loss, and negativity that we sometimes do our best work toward changing our lives. We just need a break in the internal dialogue and a moment to stop and look around.

Negativity is blinding. It is the forrest in front of the trees. It's the cloud over the sun. It is a shroud of fog in which we either are hiding, or are lost.

I've been in that fog. Visibility was zero. And... I was far too busy with the wrong thoughts and behaviors.

That's why we have to reach into the fog and simply shine a light... or, part the clouds... or, bulldoze the trees. We need someone to shine... even when we can't shine back.

If the sun is shining in your life right now, be a rainbow in the clouds for someone... in any small way you can. You could be the light they needed to believe there is another way to be busy. You could help insert something different into their busy lives. And... that could make all the difference.  

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