90-to-40: Ignoring the check engine light

Day 88

You've done it. I've done it. Heck, I'm doing it right now. That little light on the dash comes on and you'd think it was the end of the world! It has to be the most hated light in the history of mankind.

We should say a silent "thank you" to the dude who designed the car. That little light can save your butt! But, the most common response is a big groan followed by (in some cases) a string of expletives. 

I think people should have a "check engine" light. It could save lives! Or, maybe we could warn one another. "Hey... that light on your forehead is on. Better get it checked!"

Ah... but we do have all of that and more! I keep forgetting. We all have something nagging us in the back of our minds or a physical symptom that serves us as a warning. But we just groan and ignore it like Penny from Big Bang Theory ignores her check engine light.

And, others DO warn us sometimes through their actions, or - if you're really lucky - directly.

This little light of mine...
I have been ignoring a lot of signs and I have to STOP groaning when it happens and START being thankful for the warning. It could be as simple as a little weight gain is telling me to get more active. Or, sleepless nights mean I need to cut down on the coffee. Or... some of those personal ones I won't discuss just now.

WHAT if I continue to ignore the warnings? At best, it means a much less happy ME. At worst... well, it could make me into those people I see who are consumed by negativity.

A song from a movie comes to mind:

"When you can't sleep at night / And you sure wonder why / Maybe God is trying to tell you something." (God is Trying to Tell You Something" - The Color Purple)

I'm playing the above YouTube video right now - and a little choked up, to be honest. It's hard to pay attention to the warnings. Like the little light in my car, it is likely that it's going to be inconvenient or expensive (aka: a huge pain in the neck!). Some solutions will be downright painful. But, I'd rather go through life as a finely tuned classic rather than a broken down "hooptie."

One of my goals through this 90-day journey, I suppose, should be to look a little deeper at the warning signs.  And... to start taking myself into the shop when I need it. Preventative maintenance (mentally and physically) is definitely on the list.

I want to be the best person I can. I want to be better than the best person I can be. Not only for me, but for those who love me, and for those who don't love me yet, but will in the future.

When I ignore the warning light in my car, it just means I may have to get a new car. When I ignore the warnings of my mind and body, it means I'm robbing myself and everyone around me - the world - of who I could become at my best.

Every warning light I avoid is a few less miles I will get out of this life. I guess it's time for a tune up. I'll sleep on that and see what discoveries tomorrow brings.


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