90-to-40: Lemon Zest

Day 87

When you get handed lemons, make lemonade, right? 

Today was a lemon. And just like a lemon - if I take it as a whole - it is too sour. BUT... it can make a pretty decent ingredient in something pretty darn okay. 

And yes, I took this photo and "art-ified" 
it with an app. Say hello to my little friend.
I woke up feeling bad today. So here's me making lemonade...


1. I was able to take it easy for a while and I feel better tonight. Bedtime will be very, very soon.
2. I made it to the store and picked up some fruit and other healthy food to start taking better care of myself and speed up feeling better. Oh.... and I bought allergy pills which will make me sleep and help my head hurt less.
3. My contractor made huge strides in the remodel and I didn't have to lift a finger. Just a couple more days of work (weather permitting)!
4. My partner asked me for a list of places in the world I'd want to visit duing my lifetime. Once I sent him a list he admitted it was just so that I could be happy thinking of those places instead of focusing on my woes. That made my day.

As a whole... todays lemonade isn't that bad. Every day is a sum of its parts. Even a little sweetness can mask some pretty big lemons.

Good night. 

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