90-to-40: Imperfect Me

Day 82
I started today by jumping out of bed and eagerly getting showered and dressed to go pick up K.J. from the airport. I was ready to go an hour early. I couldnt wait to see him.
Then, I fell asleep watching TV. His text to let me know the plane had landed in St. Louis woke me. 

Dang it! The first thought in my mind was, "I'm never going to live this down." 

I quickly realized that was so very wrong. While K.J. definitely ribbed me about it, his response was phenomenal.  He just hopped on the MetroLink train and commented that he needed to figure out how to use local public transportation anyway.
And while I'm sure it will come up later in jest, it will be nothing more than a funny memory. My old way of thinking left me feeling like I'd disappointed him or that he would be angry. But he wasn't. And... that allowed me to release the old way of thinking and reinforce the new. This is how we bring out the best in each other.
My new way of thinking allows me to embrace my imperfections to exist as a real human being.
Considering that I have SO many other imperfections - it's a very good thing to be loved for them... not in spite of them.
- Craig 

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