90-to-40: How I got mixed up with a Texan

Day 83

My partner (aka:fiance and soul mate) will be here tomorrow from Texas! How did I get mixed up with a Texan? Well, it was easy. I just went to a funeral... isn't that how everyone meets the love of their lives?

Actually, a mutual friend passed away and we met as a result of sharing that experience. As we like to say, "Something very good came out of something very bad." God has a way of making any bad situation turn out in remarkable ways. You can't argue with that .

In 15 months, he will move here from Texas. It's a little scarey - and it's a HUGE move in a great direction. However, it takes time to transition two lives into one - especially when that involves relocating homes and lives, leaving family and friends, and so on. The amazing part (to me) is that he is the one who is stepping up to make that move. It blows my mind and I am in awe at him for taking that leap.

In the meanwhile, we find every way to ethically and legally get frequent flier miles, last minute or cheap airfare, etc. We are blessed with flexible and supportive employers and families. Even though sometimes it requires adjustments to our lifestyle and priorities, the stars have always align on our side.

When people see us together and say they WISH they had the kind of relationship we have. We've weathered trials and tribulations, yet our commitment to one another is rock solid - all while bouncing between two states.

I can't wait to spend my life with him. When I'm with him, I am complete. It's that simple. In the meantime, I'm grateful for every moment.