90-to-40: "A New Sun" - a lyric

Day 68:
A poem inspired by a few recent conversations with others. It is an homage to those who pick themselves up, dust themselves off and start over. In my head, it is a song.  
"A New Sun"
I wake up with the light
Of a new sun in my eyes
I pray that this day goes right
Please let my load be light
I get up
I start my day
And stumble through a lie
Until I am back at home tonight
Not every day is a chore
Or like the one that came before
Will a knock upon my door
Bring me something more
I go on
On with my day
I keep reaching for the shore
Even though I don't what for
Every morning is as dark as night
Each night I turn out my light
And I fight and fight and fight
Oh, this can't be all there is to life
It cuts through me just like a knife
It's not right - Not right - Not right
I sit and stare at the TV screen
Wishing life was how it could be
If I lived in New York or Mayberry
Anyplace but in this bad dream.
I get up...
To find a way
Maybe i can make good on fantasy
And change thoughts into reality
I stare blankly at the wall
I don't need this at all
Hold all of my calls
I'm gonna leave at dawn
And tomorrow morning I'll see the light
High in the sky, shining bright
I will fight and fight and fight
The dark is fading on the night
And the sun pierces through like a knife
Oh this is right - It's right - It's right.
I'm gonna be alright
A new sun is rising high
And I'm gonna live my life
This is right - It's right - It's right
By Craig E. Purcell
Copyright 2013

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