90-to-40: Sewing up my financial wounds

Day 69:
Okay... it is time to get uber-serious about money. The past few years have been a financial roller coaster. I have a great job that I love. All the hemorrhaging has stopped from not-so-sexy house repairs. I am able to breathe. Now is the time!
Before I get too complacent, it is time to call on my financial-whiz partner to help me get serious about OUR future. So... this weekend we are sitting down to review, repent, and retool my financial goals.
I've already cancelled several memberships and kicked some non-essential habits to the curb. A few more are soon to follow. We are eating-in more and clipping coupons. And, yes... I will give myself an allowance. A pittance of what I can afford... with the rest funneled into erasing debt. 
I'm not a spend-happy person. I make good choices and buy off-brand. I have a excellent credit rating. But the outflow was more than the inflow for quite a while. It taught me a lot, but I stopped looking at the big picture. It wss too overwhlming. I won't be spending any more or any less... I will be allocating my resources differently.
These days, I don't spend a dime without wincing.  I've become everyone's depression-era grandpa. "Have you seen what they want for coffee at that place... geesh!"  But... i still find myself at the Starbucks counter too often.
A friend recently friend told me about his great grandfather who sewed up a gash in his own arm with needle and thread because "Doctors are too expensive!" I hope it doesn't come to that.
My goal is to eliminate debt and no longer carry more than reasonable debt - if at all - going forward. I will live below my means, drink off brand coffee and so on. Listen to me. A man sewed up his own arm to save money and I'm bitching and moaning over a few missed Starbucks treats. Sheesh!
So... I will man up and sew up my own financial wounds (with my partners help). I just have to grit my teeth and bare it. This could take a while, but I'm greatful to be able to do it.
Someone please remind me of that when I'm ordering a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte.

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