90-to-40: No wonder I hate math

Day 61:
Time + Distance = Speed?
Distance ÷ Time = Rate???
Rate x Distance = Gas Mileage?? Dog Years???
Ugh... I don't know... I'm not good at math. What I do know...
is that the only time and distance I'm worried about tonight is the 600+ miles and one full week that will be between me and my partner beginning tomorrow.
The only math problem on my mind is "2 minus 1," and the only word problem perplexing me is when he asked, "I know you have to go, but who is going to hold my hand while I drive?"
(I know, right! That's a difficult one!)
I am not good at word problems. I don't like the "take-aways." I hate long division.
So, my focus for the rest of the evening is going to be: Blog - Me + 1= Priorities.
No wonder I don't like math.


Jennifer C. said...

I am clearly catching up on your blog experience. I am enjoying reading it all, but wow this one resonates with me. I am very fortunate to be living with my love now, but I hated sending him back to Texas like nobody's business. We hold hands while driving too. :-) So happy that you have this kind of love in your life and look forward with you to when you don't need to be separated any longer!

Craig Purcell said...

Sorry, Jennifer. I just realized I'm not doing a very good job of keeping up with comments.

Somehow we've made it this far, and we're going to make it no matter what. It's a challenge... but absence makes the heart grow fonder. :)