90-to-40: What do you want me to write about?

Day 60! 

Today, I am one third of the way through this project. So far, it's been all about me, me, me. That seems pretty comfortable and safe, doesn't it?

I'm a firm believer in changing my perspective and challenging my mind to see the world differently. Like everyone, my mind tends to default to what I know. But if I'm really going to do this thing... I want to DO IT!  So...let's try something new! 

Tell me what YOU want me to write about.

Send me an idea, question, topic, etc and I'll write about it in an upcoming blog entry. Please keep in mind, this project is about me turning 40. With that said, there probably aren't many topics that wouldn't apply in some way. This isn't Dear Abby, though. So I will allow the suggestions to be a catalyst and explore how each has played out in my life, and how I am going to "make nice" with it in the future. 

To make it worth your while, I promise to dive into the topics you suggest honestly, respectfully and to the point of extreme discomfort on my part. I will not divulge who submitted the topic unless you tell me it is okay to do so. 

Post your idea as a reply on Facebook, or for confidentiality, send me a private Facebook message. Readers accessing this blog directly on Blogger or via the web address can send me an email at 

Anyone may suggest an idea - strangers...friends... family - anyone.  NO subject is off limits. I'll take on as many as I can. Please be respectful and patient.

I think a collaborative effort will make a better read for everyone... and will challenge me far more than I could do on my own. So, please... tell me your idea and I'll run with it. 

As an example, tomorrow's topic will be a question posed by a reader just tonight:
"What's the best advice you've ever been given, but didn't take?"
This is exciting! 

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