90-to-40: Surprise Traditions

Day 79
I got two free baseball tickets for setting up a new checking accout a couple weeks ago. My partner is from Texas so he has never experienced the red and white sea of Cardinal fans... the near-capacity weekday crowds... the never-ending "waves" that circulate around the new, but retro Busch Stadium.
I kept it a secret until earlier this week... and then I only said that it was date night. I threw him off by making references to unrelated activities. I packed a Cardinals jersey and the tickets in a bag.
I revealed our destination only blocks from the stadium when the red shirts started to flow down the sidewalks. His response was simply, "Awe... I wish I'd wore my jersey..." just as I handed it to him.
A few nachos and a couple of six-dollar sodas later... I had one beaming Texan on my hands.
Success! Surprise planned... and executed. A brilliant sunset and a Cardinal win made it that much more memorable.
Thus, the importance of surprise date night - our new tradition. 
If this is what 40 is like, I can't wait!
Sunset behind Busch Stadium - August 6, 2013

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