90-to-40: Back to my future, too.

Day 46:

At 2:32pm - the exact time of my birth - on October 24th, 2013, I will turn 40. In that moment, I will probably pause briefly and look around me with the hope that a uniformed messenger will appear with an aged, tattered envelope in hand. You know, like "Back to the Future 3" when Doc scheduled a Western Union letter to be delivered to Marty at a precise date and time in the future.

I know that universal messages don't come to us with such theatrics. (Drama... yes. Theatrics... not usually.)  I know it won't be that clear, but a boy can dream, right?

My journey is more like the first "Back to the Future" where Marty and Doc had to harness the power of lightning to propel Marty back to 1985. I'll be speeding toward my goals as my partner is frantically swinging from cables on a clock tower and trying to help me capture the power of a fleeting lightning strike. (He is good like that).

There are a lot of parallels between those movies and where I am in my life right now. I feel as though I'm zooming across space and time, correcting things that have gone awry in the past, and being mindful of how my actions today will alter my future. If understand that my future depends on it.

However, instead of a flux capacitor, we will have a ticket on a 747, the clock tower will be the sun casting the shadow from a palm tree, and rather than going back in time, we will be looking ahead.

Somehow, though, I still believe that there will be that envelope from the past that reveals a plot twist for my future. I believe that with all my heart. And... I'm ready. I am ready to move into this next decade of my life at full speed. I want to leave flaming tire tracks and disappear into a cloud of dust.

It is like when Doc was showing Marty the Delorean for the first time and said, "If my calculations are correct, when it hits 88, you're going to see some serious shit." I am ready to see some seriously awesome shit it MY future. 

I'm ready for 40. I'm ready for 88 mph. I'm ready for MY future! 

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