90-to-40: Dragging up dreams

Day 28:
Reader question #4: "Who did I think I was going to be?"
It is hard to look back and recall who and what I thought I would be. The answer would be different depending on my age or stage of ny life. However, there are a few beliefs and visions which have guided me. Some came true. Some didn't. And some are in progress. 
As long as I can recall, I have wanted to be a writer. You have the "Little House on the Prairie" books to thank for that. I was writing poems and stories as early as I had writing skills. My mother, aunt, great uncle and great grandmother were all writers. I'm a legacy, of sorts.
But... I didnt know that you could get paid for writing. So i daydreamed like any other kid. Only, I didn't have "normal kid" daydreams. Most kids go through a phase where they want to be batman, a fireman or a cowboy.
But... I wanted to be an architect at age 9. Yes... I was 9 going on 40 - even back then. Other kids were prtending to be a super hero... I was drawing blueprints and had my own drafting board. Unfortunately I was bad at math... so I gave up on that.
I wanted to be a psychologist for most of my teen years, and ended up pursuing it in college. It turned out to be my minor for my Bachelors degree. But... I couldn't see doing that for the rest of my life.
Ended up going to college for business related majors and minored in Psychology. I was always drawn back to writing, though. Always.
And... I work in corporate communications and, as a part of my job, I get paid to write. Go figure. The very first dream I had is where my true dream lies.
There is a lot more that I wanted to be - beyond a profession. Way back then, I had fantasy jobs, houses and careers. But... its been so many years since I've truly thought about it. And.. I'm not sure if I want to limit who I thought I'd become to a career choice.
So... as a part of this question, I'm going to really meditate on this one and come back to it. I know what I wanted to be... but the "who" got lost and/or forgotten. If I'm going to do it right... I need to drag up the dreams and dust them off.
Here goes nothing.

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