90-to-40: I am neither above nor below anyone

Day 53: 

In my life, I have learned that sometimes we stumble onto something good without much effort. However, in some cases, we have much less than others in spite of our efforts.

This can make us feel superior or inferior, depending on the space we occupy. Actions can make things happen in our lives. But it is a part of our individual journey to understand our own journey, not to be envious of those who have more. We cannot compare ourselves against others.

I know short order cooks who believe they are some of the most successful human beings on the planet. I know CEOs who would tell you they are failures.

The secret is to take actions toward kindness, understanding and compassion.  Likewise, to take actions that lead us away from bitterness, hatred and judgement.

The real measure of success is in our evolution in our interpersonal relationships and the actions we take every day to find our paths. We have an opportunity and obligation to learn from one another, not to judge one another.

"I am neither above, nor below anyone." -Deepak Chopra

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