What is "90-to-40"?

Day 52:

Hey, blog readers! Happy Labor Day! It has been a great day with family. My partner left us all speechless... and full-bellied... with his latest creation, the "Autumn Cider & Spice" cheesecake. K.J. and his desserts are a work of art!

So I'm using a photo of this cheesecake to lure you to read about what I really want to say. Hey... I know what draws a crowd.

I really wanted to take a moment today to say "Thank You" for reading and participating in this project. It means a lot to receive your honest feedback and "Likes" on each post. Thank You, so much.

Some of you may have picked up reading my blog in the middle of the "90-to-40 Project." So, I thought I would catch you up on what "90-to-40" is - and a little about how it's evolving so far - and what to expect going forward.

What is "90-to-40?"
Simply put, I started this blog 90 days before my 40th birthday. I committed to write one blog entry every day for the 90 days leading up to this milestone in my life. The days are numbered by how many are remaining until my birthday on October 24, 2013 - a countdown, of sorts.

The purpose of doing this is not simply to document this interesting time in my life, but to challenge myself to look deeper into what is important in my life. I hope to get really serious about what is truly important to me, and to speak to others about their experiences, questions or thoughts - about ANYTHING that might relate.

When I started this, I anticipated making it all about "turning 40." (Hence, the subtitle "My turning 40 project.") People turn 40 every day, but not many people have done so publicly.

So far:
This is harder than I thought. My blog posts often go in directions I dont expect. Plus, the doing-it-publically part makes me way more uncomfortable than I thought. Yet, with every "boring" post, you are witnessing a man who is succumbing to complacency and resisting my self-imposed challenge to stretch beyond my comfort zone. That is pretty interesting,  in a way.

In spite of myself, however, I occasionally have a pretty awesome breakthrough. I've discovered topics that have thrown me for a loop and force me to be uncomfortably transparent. Those moments change my perspective for each subsequent post and they help me move to a place in my life I would not have reached without undertaking this project. I think that is pretty cool. I like those moments and hope you do too.

In between dips and rises on this little roller coaster ride, I'm looking for events, emotions and ideas to discuss that might lead me to something... well, I'm not sure what it will lead me to. I'll know when I get there. And that is the exciting part - the unknown destination.

Now what:
I am almost half way through. There are only 52 days remaining... and I am about to get really honest with myself and with you. Everything up to now has been great. It is all part of the process. BUT... this is my life I'm talking about. So, there will be no more sugar-coating, no more avoidance, and no more excuses. This is MY turning 40 project and I want to intentionally "turn" 40 - not just become 40 by default.

In short, in the days to come, I might just blow your mind - and if I am lucky - I'll blow my mind too.

Please... interact. Comment, email me, call me... whatever you are comfortable with. Join my journey.

And again, Thank You.

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