90-to-40: Inner Child Self Therapy

Day 17:
My inner child is sometimes like a teething infant; He gets grumpy, irritable, and nothing makes him happy. Plus, at those times, he doesn't even have the words to describe what is wrong - to me - or anyone else.
Sometimes... my inner child needs a good butt- kicking. Other times he needs a hug. But ... both moods look the same on the outside. Those are the times he just wants to crawl in bed, pull the covers over our head, and sleep.
Adulthood doesn't give us that option, however. We still have work, family and household obligations. We learn to grit our teeth and deal with it.
I'm tired of it. I don't think I'm going to be able to redefine adulthood to include tantrums, sulking or sleeping for days at a time... although I know an awful lot of people who do behave that way. (But I'd rather not be one of them.)
So... I focus my attention on figuring out the cause. If I can't figure a way to appease my inner child and lay in bed on rainy days, grumpy days or sick days... then I'm going to do preventative maintenance.
Feeling bad feels bad. I prefer to focus my efforts on NOT getting to that place. 
So... I will seek proactive happiness. Yes... I will seek ways to be happier and head off the inner child crap at the pass. I think that's the key.
When I discover things which trigger my vulnerabilities, and my inner childs mood swings... I will focus on removing the trigger and analyzing why it made me upset to begin with. Instead of diving into the pain, I will distract myself with what is behind it. I cant let my inner child become a brat.
That is the best I can do. But... I will cut myself some slack. There are reasons behind my moods... even if I don't have the words to describe them. Maybe I need to sulk in order to get tired of what is making me feel bad. Or, maybe I cry because it hurts. Or... maybe I am just human. Either way... I wont get anywhere unless I eliminate or repair what is at the root of it.
So... I will promise my inner child some ice cream to shut him up. But as soon as he is calm... we are gonna have a serious talk about how WE can eliminate what makes us feel bad, and have a good old fashioned boot strap moment.

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