90-to-40: Kaleidoscopes make me dizzy

Day 23:
I like to talk about how I embrace change... and for the most part, I do. That doesn't mean it is easy on me. The whole reason I embrace change is because complacency does a number on me.
The truth is... I love my comfort zones. I have learned that monotony saps my energy. Too much change makes me uncomfortable. And when any extreme is imposed upon me... it is like kryptonite and i have to be careful not to shut down.
I am currently locked into dual extremes. Everything with my job, home and personal life is in constant motion... and I feel like much of the change is being imposed upom me by the universe. It's not a living prison... but it is beyond my control.
I know... i know. I can change things any time I want to, right? As strange as it seems... I don't really want it to stop changing yet. I know the changes are all answers to my prayers. God is changing what I asked to be changed. I can't discount that.
However... with the constant barage of new experiences and ever-changing surroundings, it's like living in a kaleidoscope and not being able to look away. After a while, anyone would welcome the opportunity to stare at a blank wall.
It is dizzying and monotonous simultaneously. I dont know what my view will be from one minute to the next. But the one thing I know for sure... if I can focus on the big picture, I'm in for a really interesting trip. I get the gut feeling that I'm in for something remarkable... soon.

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