90-to-40: That's not my Karma

Day 22:
For the fifth time in 4000 miles, I have to take my truck in for service for the same issue. This time I'm telling them to keep it until it is right (or, just keep it). It is such a minor issue, but the dealer in Texas is worthless. Fortunately, the dealer here is taking responsibility - I hope.
If I hadn't raised hell, made phone call after phone call and involved the manufacturer, I would end up with a brand new piece of crap. And... the problem - likely, a slightly warped rim - would have become more and more unsafe.
It is frustrating, but I have to remain diligent until it is fixed right. It shouldn't be that way. The original dealer should have taken ownership, but they didn't.  Therefore... I have to.
Other people who intentionally shift responsibility never seem to have repercussions. Oh sure... they don't get very far in the world, but shouldn't they be responsible for the fallout from their actions?  It happens to corporations all the time, but... it would take an act of Congress to hold an individual responsible for being lazy. (And we know how that would turn out.)
I try... so hard... to take responsibility for problems I can solve. I haven't always understood how, but I tried. But I'm learning that not everyone does that.
In my life, I haven't always taken my own advise, but this time I am. I will do my best to own what is my responsibility, and hold others accountable for their part. Mind you, I am not talking about being petty or shifting blame. But its important not to take on what isn't mine to take on.
I believe that good karma is about being accountable to ourselves. Shifting blame or responsibility to someone else doesn't shift the payback from Karma. If we spend our lives making everything "someone else's problem" the retribution doesn't go away with it. All we are doing by passing off all responsibility is giving up any opportunity to earn some good karmic payoffs. The more responsibility we blow off, the more bad karma we get in return... with nothing to show for it.
And in regard to my truck... well this too shall pass.

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