90-to-40: Vampire Ducks

Day 86: 

Over the years, I've discovered that some people are just negativity werewolves and/or emotional vampires. No matter how long I am able to fend them off, they are stronger and eventually go all "True Blood" on me. No wooden stake, silver bullet or amulet stops them from feeding on my soul.

I've tried countless ways to overpower them, such as killing them with kindness, or ignoring their midnight reigns of terror. And... whether I have been successful in mingling among their kind for days, or even years, eventually they end up sinking their teeth into my flesh.

It's a no-brainer, right? Just avoid them. People say, "Run the other way!" or "Don't hang out with known vampires or werewolves." But, these aren't the howling and blood-sucking creatures you see in movies. They are changelings, and often look just like you and me. No one would be the wiser.

Here's the plot-twist: 
I have proven to have the uncanny ability to see something that most people don't see. I have a heightened sense of intuition and I know a split-second before it happens that the negativity werewolf is about to get hairy... and the emotional vampire is sharpening its teeth.

To other mortals, I'm just a jerk. They say it's wrong to assume others are going to attack solely based on vampirey and werewolfy behavior. They say that some human imperfections look like lecherous creatures, but they should be overlooked.

Yet... I've been right SO many more times than not. And when I've doubted my gut, I've been mauled.

Is it wrong to want to surround myself with positive, non-blood-suckers and soul-stealers - mortal human beings or not.  I'm told it is "judgmental." I'm told that I must learn to accept the behavior and take my chances. But, I'm the one who is stuck with a terrible case of PTSD from previous attacks (on myself and loved ones) where I knew WELL in advance but doubted my intuition. I'm the one with a keen awareness of how these creatures behave... from experience.

So, here is the question. If it walks like a, I mean a duck... and quacks like a duck... isn't it ALWAYS a duck?  Maybe it's both... and vampire ducks are even scarier.


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