90-to-40: Decisions. Decisions.

Day 85

This picture makes me happy right now
My favorite moment today was a Facebook post from a friend and inspirer, Roman. It said,

"Great things can be achieved by making just one decision at a time."  (Roman)

I've never heard - or experienced - a more accurate statement. Thank you, Roman, for that moment.

Every decision has brought me to where I am now. But only the decisions I make NOW are what matter for the future.

Yes... I've made some bad decisions. And, YES... there are things I still want to change for the future. There will be much more important decisions to make in the future. But, if I am okay with where I am right this moment - then everything else needs to go away and become history. Only my NEXT decision will impact my future. My NEXT decision is what's important NOW.

Another of my favorite quotes is:

"Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it." 
("The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle)  

NOW as a legacy

Another "moment" today was when I learned of the death of Eileen Brennan, a memorable character actress you may might remember from her roles in "Private Benjamin," "The Last Picture Show" or "Will and Grace." After a horrific accident at the pinnacle of her career in the 1980's, she endured years of physical recovery, which led her to an addiction to pain killers. After she moved beyond the addiction, she looked back and found value in the present moment. Her take on it was beautiful... 

"[The accident and addiction] led up to my birth. I say birth rather than rebirth because I feel born new. -- Strangely enough I wouldn't have missed my accident. it just knocks me out to say that, but I meant it." (Eileen Brennan as quoted in People Magazine -1985)

So,  I'm going to make a few decisions today - such as what to eat for dinner. Whether to watch television or exercise, and what time to go to bed. Maybe something bigger will come along... maybe now. I've had to make many more important and painful decisions in my life. I haven't always done well at it - OR have I? 

Either way, it's nice to know that I can do better with each decision and I can be born new every moment. Try it.


Suggested reading:  "The Power of Now" - by: Eckhart Tolle




Unknown said...

The Power of Now is a very meaningful book to me. I reread parts of it whenever I need a shot of perspective.

Craig Purcell said...

It is one of those books I couldnt put down. However, I had to force myself to read it in small doses because it prompted so many ah-hah moments. It made a world of difference, but it made my head spin with all the new concepts. A brilliant and impactful book.