90-to-40: Action is a choice

Day 71:

So far, I've cleared up where i stand on a few of my priorities, made peace with my weaknesses, and gotten a few things off my chest.

Nice diversions from turning 40, don't you think?

I'm good at diversions when it comes to placing focus on myself. Taking action is a completely different ballgame.

First... there is the whole matter of my fitness goals. I'm really not quite sure why I'm so adverse to doing a little exercise. Just a few years ago, I got into running and loved it.

At this moment, I am sitting in a recliner with two sleeping dogs on my lap, rain falling outside, and i have a belly full of turkey burgers. I can think of at least that many reasons not to move.

I'm normally pretty active... right? I do yard work and never moan at taking the stairs.

That doesn't count, does it?

Time to make some choices. I think tomorrow morning might call for a walk before work. Or, maybe I can lift a few weights or a swim after work? Or maybe I could do something right now. The choices are endless. 

But one of my choices has to be to DO IT!


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