90-to-40: What I didn't say

Day 72:
I wrote a long entry today, but this isn't it.
It is saved in draft status. I couldn't make it sound right.
It was about how sometimes our actions can be deal breakers for others - and vise versa. And how maybe that's okay. But I couldn't say it without making it sound bad.
I wanted to make points about how I'm really tired of feeling bad about times I've stood up for myself or things I believe in. But I couldn't say it without sounding hypocritical. 
I was going to tackle the subject of how I'm befuddled by people who use hate speech and racial slurs in my presence -  Yet they have no idea that I'm exercising more tolerance and restraint in that moment than they have shown in a lifetime.
I wanted to express my feelings about people who hurt children and prey on the weak. But I sounded self-righteous.
I wanted to rant about people who wave their civil rights around but don't know the significance, or meaning of "Freedom Riders," "Stonewall" or "Suffrage." But I know I'd just sound judgemental. 
So, I didn't share my original thoughts. I simply decided to tell you what I decided not to say.

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