90-to-40: Balancing my balance

Day 75:
"I just want a little bit of everything." (Keith Urban)
This line from a song made me think about my priorities. I'm tempted to say that I strive for balance in everything I do. But I don't think that's true.
The more I tried to describe how I am the slow-and-steady guy, the more I realized how far the opposite of that I am.
I tend to be all or nothing when it comes to the big stuff. I like to get where I am going - or just not go at all. I guess that means I am goal oriented? Task oriented? Or... just impatient? Hmm.
It has served me well, however, to be able to dive in head first and keep my nose to the grindstone. I doggedly and strategically attack work projects and thrive on deadlines. Give me a no-option-to-fail task and I will see it through.
So many of my successes are because I've removed the option the fail. But maybe I only take on what I know I can do well. Is my fear of failure also a fear of success? I am not sure.
A "little bit of everything" is nice, but seems like a great no-fail option. While i may not be the uber-balanced dude, balance is an important goal to me. And it is getting more important - and my focus is more intense - the older I get.
Time to prioritize and be sure that having a "little bit of everything" isn't keeping me from having "a lot" of the things which mean the most. And on another level of that, is a "little bit of everything" just a way to not having too risk failure.
Oh, Lord. I think I need to balance my balance. Good grief.

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