90-to-40: From Like to Love

Day 74:
It is time to get serious about the difference between "love" and "like."  I must keep the "loves" as priority number one in order to reap the benefits and to "live my best life" (sorry to quote Oprah so early in the day).
People, things, and behaviors I love deserve more emphasis in my life. The problem is, sometimes the "likes" are easier and require less effort. Sometimes I lean towards the "likes" - even when I don't like it that much - just because it is easy. 

Case in point. I LOVE to be physically strong and healthy. But I sure like to sit on my butt.
I love to work in my yard and do DIY projects around the house, but I sure like hiring things done.
I love my career, but I like my comfort zone.
I love hanging out with my friends and family, but I sure like my private time.
I love when my partner is happy, but I sure do like things to go my way.
You see... I will have no problem keeping the things I like in my life - even if I change my focus toward the stuff I love. I am human... my mind will always gravitate toward what i like. But, the things I love may need a little extra effort for the pay-off.
Love isn't hard, but it deserves an intense focus. At least, it does for me at this point in my life. So... I'm going to shift my focus to the "loves," the "likes" will happen naturally, and the "dislikes" will be crowded out by the good stuff.

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