90-to-40: Profundity Lost

Day 73
Today, I woke up...
I made some phone calls, some decisions and some lunch.
Later, I sent some pictures to Walgreens, went to pick them up, and then had spaghetti for dinner.
I just finished putting a bedframe together.
Was there some grand discovery that has eluded me? Or was the whole of my day - the routine and such - the equivalent of going "up to the mountaintop?"

I really didn't spent a lot of time thinking about life. I just lived it. (I guess that's pretty insightful.... kinda).
To be completely honest, it was the first day in two weeks that I didn't think about how much progress I've made toward my goals, age, or really anything with deeper meaning.
My wandering mind does tend to stress me out, and i didn't "worry" about stuff. It was just a day. Not exactly Walden's pond, but I liked it.
Yes, indeed... I liked today.

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