90-to-40: It’s all over but the (down)spouting!

Day 77

After years of upheaval, months of transition and three weeks of daylight-through-the-walls, rain-delays, and hearing “bang-thump-bang-thump” all around me, my house FINALLY feels like a home! The only thing left to be installed are the guttering and downspouts.

This house has had so much work done to it, I should call it 'Joan Rivers.' The structure has been reinforced, the exterior is nearly unrecognizable from its former self, and it looks way too fresh-faced for its age. Once the financial hemorrhaging stops, I’ll focus on the indoor details. For now, it’s finally to a point (just like Joan Rivers) that a little paint will camouflage what my BRILLIANT contractor couldn’t fix.

You should know, that this renovation has been so much more than a cosmetic overhaul. It represents letting go of one shore in order to reach the other. Thankfully, I can see the new shore from where I stand. And for all the sweat, blood and tears (literally), I'm home. I feel abnormally exhausted and elated at the same time. It's like an adrenaline release. 

By starting over, I have learned some very valuable lessons. For example, never co-sign for a house for anyone (yeah… I know...)  – and – as a landlord, ALWAYS use a leasing agent!  Beyond the obvious, I also learned what was important to ME. I learned that when the chips are down, I DO make good choices.  I learned that things are over-rated and enslave us, but the right people are priceless.

In the past, I’d be quick to tell you that this house was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. When in fact, I now believe that looking at it as a mistake WAS my biggest mistake. My perspective did not allow me to accept reality and move forward. I’ve since discovered that I was always exactly where I was supposed to be.   

This renovation was not about status. It was about making my house safe and protecting my investment.  Trust me, the clarity of that focus is what has created a stress-free and comfortable HOME - a home I believe will be a remarkable place to start my next decade. 

And, once those downspouts are installed and the final checks are written, I may be a little poorer for a while - but, oh... so much richer.  

(Before & after photos coming soon...stay tuned.)


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